MIUMOSA at a Glance : An Introduction

M I U M O S A as an Indonesia fast-moving fashion footwear start-up company, innovation and collaboration are essentials. By embracing local wisdom heritage culture: Heritage Batik, Traditional Weaving and Energic Ethnic through artistry, avant-garde, tailored, and sophisticated shoe design and shape.

To support earth-safe, we are committed to being the agent of change of sustainable or ethical fashion through materials and fabrics we select.

Our labels are:

M I U M O S A the Heels Heritage: Premium 

GAYATRI for Traditional Wedding Shoe

GRAFITTI for Millennial Spirit consists of painting, mural and graffiti shoe. 

The Milestones: 

1. Fashion Show the Heels Heritage in conjunction with 3rd Indonesia Cultural Festival, Baku City, Azerbaijan, 2018.

2. Manila Fame, 2019.

3. Abang None Jakarta - Kepulauan Seribu 2019, A Tourism Ambassador for DKI Jakarta Province, 2019

4. Pesona Wastra Sulaman, an Ethnic Fashion Show, 2019

5. Gebyar Pernikahan Indonesia, a Traditional Wedding Exhibition, Betawi Culture, 2019

6. Earth Angels for Grand Opening Curaskin Care Jakarta, 2019

7. Solo Exhibition: Coloring Indonesia, True Beauty, scheduled on December 14th, 2019.


1. Government Grant for BIP-BEKRAF 2019 ( Indonesia Agency for Economy Creative), 2019

2. ASEAN Capacity Building Workshop on The Development of Women-owned MSMES Through E-Commerce, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam, 2019



Indonesia footwear fashion brand with the purpose of Passion, People, Planet and Profit. Under brand name M I U M O S A we also embrace cultural heritage through authentic design and shape.

1. Seek to create an Iconic Brand for the most lovable, desirable and irresistible goods that defined woman self-portrait.
2. Increasingly user-friendly technology and timeless innovation in every work we do
3. Home for passionate people who devoted art-design, fashion and improves quality of life.


  1. Creating sustainable fashion, cruelty-free, zero-waste and support SDG’s goal. 
  2. Personal Signature. To keep its originality and authentic shapes, we do initial sketches and later improve with digital design, before ending up with high standard QC in the workshop.       
  3. Every shoe we made are not only elaborated art-design, hi-fashion, artistry with its craftsmanship but also embraces our heritage culture. 
  4. Offering solutions for those with foot problems such as foot disorders due to genetic or injured by accident, as well as the vegan community. 
  5. Empower innovation and digital technology to everything we do.   

M I U M O S A values your needs and is continuously looking for ways to better satisfy our customers. Please do share with us if there is a way we can serve you better.

GrahaJepe 9 Building 2nd/fl.
Jl. Raya Ragunan, No.9 Jakarta, Indonesia. 12540
T. (+6221) 2278 4692 F. (+6221) 7883 8199
E. info@miumosa.com


Our communication channels:
Miumosa, the Heels Heritage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmolM_l3Mok
Miumosa Portfolio: http://www.miumosa.com/atglance
Youtube: Miumosa Indonesia
Twitter: @miumosa
Instagram: @miumosa_official 
Facebook fan page: @miumosa.id 
Skype: @miumosa.com