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Data-driven Visits - The Future of E-commerce Websites
Monday, July 20, 2020

With the monumental shift in all marketplaces amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the e-commerce sector has emerged more unscathed than other sectors. A testament to its reliability and rigidity, e-commerce is expected to cultivate even greater results once the pandemic subsides. This shift can be attributed to the major change seen in customer behaviors and their growing preference for online transactions. 

Building an e-commerce website and making it attractive for the target demographics is a data-based activity in today’s digital world. Collecting, Analyzing, and Implementing - These are the three pillars of a successful data-driven approach, that can help budding e-commerce websites in generating as much or even more visits.

The Question is How We Can Collect Them?

The use of forms and surveys can significantly help e-commerce businesses in getting a collective overview of their customers’ feedback and requirements.

There are three types of customer data you can potentially obtain from surveys and forms, which are:

  1. Purchase History: To help e-commerce businesses analyze the buying patterns of the customers to suggest them with the best-suited products exclusively.
  2. Geographic Data: To help e-commerce businesses in finding out the most common locations from where most of their revenue is coming, along with focusing on promising or primary locations for determining key market regions.
  3. Customer Demographics: Collecting customer information such as average income, occupations, gender, age, etc., to determine your key target audience. This can help in creating targeted and successful marketing strategies.

Source: Entrepreneur.com