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Karl Lagerfeld Kids Premieres Worldwide On Melijoe.com
Sunday, January 1, 2017
A new family of mini-Karls has arrived ! In a worldwide exclusive, Karl Lagerfeld will premiere his new ready-to-wear and accessories collection for children and babies on Melijoe.com. On November 9th, Melijoe.com is proud to propose the Karl Lagerfeld Kids collection and to offer customers the chance to pre-order pieces from the spring-summer 2016 debut collection. The iconic profiles of the designer and his feline muse, Choupette, crop up here and there in embroideries and prints, spicing up a collection that, in true Lagerfeld style, is both witty and chic. For older children, there are T-shirts and sweatshirts in every color, jeans, skirts, ties and, of course, the indispensible crisp white shirt and black blazer. Layettes rock like never before, from bonnets and bibs to booties, tiny blouses and mini-blazers. When it comes to accessories, the collection brims with adorable details, from cat ears and whiskers totrompe l’oeil collars and ties, fingerless gloves, rock star sunglasses, caps, ballerina flats, headbands and miniature handbags. Source: The Jakarta Post