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Why Scarves and Why Now?
Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Scarves are appearing more on women’s necks in the boardroom, the statehouse and the office as a way to express personality. In some cases, expensive wraps also broadcast economic standing and wealth powerful symbol.

In addition, a piece of vintage jewelry or a brightly colored scarf is a way of expressing our personality. Similarly, the tie for a man is sometimes a means of injecting some of his personality.

Why scarves and why now?

Since our customers requested to have a complete look of stunning and powerful personality statement, we deciced to reveal "Fashion to Love" Collections this July 2020, which consists of a pair of shoe, a multifunction bag, and certain Scarf to Love. This is also good to announce and spread our Monogam Pattern widely.

The collections are available on our official eStore and authorized partner Indonesia Mall, Zalora and Alibaba Platform.