MIUMOSA at a Glance : An Introduction

Digital Design & Footwear Inc.

As a fashion brand, we are consistent in supporting best practice of Sustainable and Ethical Fashion, also Partnering in manufacturing (cloud-production) to support local MSME.

Seeing fashion through sociopreneur contribution and drive digital transformation, we now develop EduFashion Digital Design & Fashion.

As fashion brand we are continously release annual collections: 

  1. Glam is the New Heritage in collaboration with an Artisan Lombok Weaving, 2017.
  2. The Heels Heritage, vibrant color of Ethnic and contemporary East Kalimantan Weaving. This collection has been showcased in Fashion Show in conjunction with the 3rd Indonesia Cultural Festival, Baku Azerbaijan, 2018.
  3. Provocative Origin, the Landing Page for Betawi Heritage Batik. First appearance on Abang None Jakarta – Kepulauan Seribu 2019.
  4. Fashion to Love, July 2020. An introduction to M I U M O S A’s trademark pattern.
  5. Grafitti, Colorways Miumosa, July 2021. 


Inspire Life through Fashion



1.Create an iconic local brand against global imbalance and the lionshare of Imported Goods.

2.Encourage awareness ethical and sustainable fashion.

3.Drive Tech-savvy in the next generation of fashion.

4.Broadening Opportunity for Women to Speak.



  1. People. Planet. Profit.
  2. Technology Savvy
  3. Integrity
  4. Continuous Learning.


PT. Miumosa Artha Mandiri

Founder & CEO: Mrs. Anindya Sukarni.


M I U M O S A values your needs and is continuously looking for ways to better satisfy our customers. Please do share with us if there is a way we can serve you better.



PT. Miumosa Artha Mandiri
GrahaJepe 9 Building 2nd/fl.
Jl. Raya Ragunan, No.9 Jakarta, Indonesia. 12540
T. (+6221) 2278 4692 F. (+6221) 2278 4692
E. info@miumosa.com


Our communication channels:
Twitter: @miumosa
Instagram: @miumosa
Facebook fan page: @miumosa.id 

Youtube: Miumosa Indonesia