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Brilianpreneur 2022: Dari Lokal Jadi Kece - Lystia Novilda

Brilianpreneur 2022

Since 2019, UMKM EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR has been a distinctive and creative industry exhibition, displaying the work of Indonesia's best Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through various enchanting art installations.

more than 500 selected MSMEs from six different categories: Home Decor & Craft, Food & Beverage, Accessories & Beauty, Fashion & Wastra, Healthcare/Wellness, and Digital Technology (Startup). The annual exhibition also presents a series of interesting and valuable programs for the audience: business matching, talk shows, artist performances, and MSME Awards.

M I U M O S A joining the first time Brilianpreneur 2022 after succeeding curation by ICAD, Indonesian Contemporary Art & Design (ICAD), a committee that bridges art and design with other disciplines ranging from fashion, film, hospitality, technology, F&B, and more.


Brilianpreneur 2022, M I U M O S A on Showcasing Heritage Shoes


Fast fashion is a worrying phenomenon for the fashion industry. M I U M O S A comes as a solution to reduce our reliance on imported fast fashion goods. The design of Miumosa’s shoes itself is a selling point. Avant-garde with a twist, M I U M O S A combines it with traditional Indonesian elements, for example with Batik or Weaving dye. However, the environment is our priority as we use materials such as organic fabric, recycled plastic, as well as vegan leather. Customers don’t have to worry about quality, as M I U M O S A gives after-sales services for show maintenance.

Brilianpreneur 2022

Showcasing Heritage Shoes.

Jakarta Convention Center, Jakarta, Indonesia.

Wed to Sun, 14-18 Dec 2022

10 AM to 8 PM

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Holiday with Shopping Miumosa


Shopping with Miumosa starts during June and July and is available at our offline stores Sarinah and Galeries Lafayette, only. 

Songket, the queen of traditional weaving

Songket, the queen of Indonesia Weaving

The art of songket woven handicraft is a cultural product of collective creation and the traditional heritage of Sumatera.  Songket was first created to meet human needs for traditional ceremonies such as the wedding ceremony. The symbolic meanings in the art of songket are constantly evolving in accordance with the change of time.

The use of songket is customary responsibility and each of the songket patterns contains symbolic meanings. Various decorative patterns are inspired by the concept of "alam takambang jadi guru" (learning from nature). The beauty of songket can be seen visually from the decorative patterns as well as the functions, styles, and structures.

We applied the songket into our sculptural modular Anjani Series. And here's what we do. 

Arafuru, the 6th, the glory of Eastern Indonesia.

M I U M O S A, Annual Collection 2022

PT. Miumosa Artha Mandiri, with the brand M I U M O S A, Heels Heritage, is known for its creative flairs, avant-garde, and exposure to Indonesia Heritage through design and shape. We make hundreds of authentic shoes to give a personal experience.

As a fashion brand, we are continuously releasing annual collections:

1. Glam is the New Heritage feat. Lombok Weaving, 2017.

2. The Heels Heritage feat. East Kalimantan contemporary weaving, 2018. First on the public at Baku City, Azerbaijan.

3. Provocative Origin feat. Batik Betawi Heritage, 2019.

4. Fashion to Love feat. Monogram Miumosa, 2020.

5. Grafitti, the colorways Miumosa feat. Geometry Miumosa, 2021.

6. Arafuru, the Glory of Eastern Indonesia, feat. Timor weaving, September 2022.

There is so many hidden heritage of eastern weaving to reveal. Follow our journey road to Arafuru at our offical website and social media channel.

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Kearifan Lokal Papua Barat

Rekam Nusantara

The awareness of the Malaumkarta’s customary law in West Papua in safeguarding and conserving forest and the sea has made this region become a conservation area. Sasi or egek (arrest ban) is a solution by the Malaumkarta’s indigenous peoples, who has the habit of consuming turtles so that their territories are maintained and can be used for mutual interest. Now, people have started to conserve turtles and slowly no longer eat turtles.

Sutradara: Faizal Abdul Aziz

Courtesy : RekamNusantara


Gantari, the final Journey to Java, a runway ready to wear that inherit local wisdom.

Lakon Indonesia

Taken October 9th at Candi Prambanan, Gantari has stunningly revealed Indonesia Heritage Batik, Tenun, and Lurik into hundreds ready to wear contemporary avant garde collections. This annual event proudly present by Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy  of Republic of Indonesia (Kemenprekraf) and Lakon Indonesia in conjunction with Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival – JF3 was held under tight protocols of Covid-19.

We are very pleased that Miumosa took part to Gantari as the official shoe partner for whole colletions. “We especially made the heels and men heritage for Gantari”, said Anindya Sukarni, the Miumosa, Founder & CEO.

Click here to streaming Gantari, the Final Jouney to Java. [Red]

Grafitti By Miumosa 2021 Collection, geometry that reshaping future batik.

Grafitty By Miumosa 2021 Collection

 Grafitti, the Colorways Miumosa is our 5th collection following the spirit of a new normal, new wave of fashion, and changing behavior. Inspired by the revolutionary circular fashion in 90's era rich with neon electric colorful saturation. Everything with shoes, handbags, and scarves, signatures, off course with authentic monogram Miumosa.

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