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Kearifan Lokal Papua Barat

Rekam Nusantara

The awareness of the Malaumkarta’s customary law in West Papua in safeguarding and conserving forest and the sea has made this region become a conservation area. Sasi or egek (arrest ban) is a solution by the Malaumkarta’s indigenous peoples, who has the habit of consuming turtles so that their territories are maintained and can be used for mutual interest. Now, people have started to conserve turtles and slowly no longer eat turtles.

Sutradara: Faizal Abdul Aziz

Courtesy : RekamNusantara


Gantari, the final Journey to Java, a runway ready to wear that inherit local wisdom.

Lakon Indonesia

Taken October 9th at Candi Prambanan, Gantari has stunningly revealed Indonesia Heritage Batik, Tenun, and Lurik into hundreds ready to wear contemporary avant garde collections. This annual event proudly present by Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy  of Republic of Indonesia (Kemenprekraf) and Lakon Indonesia in conjunction with Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival – JF3 was held under tight protocols of Covid-19.

We are very pleased that Miumosa took part to Gantari as the official shoe partner for whole colletions. “We especially made the heels and men heritage for Gantari”, said Anindya Sukarni, the Miumosa, Founder & CEO.

Click here to streaming Gantari, the Final Jouney to Java. [Red]

Grafitti By Miumosa 2021 Collection, geometry that reshaping future batik.

Grafitty By Miumosa 2021 Collection

 Grafitti, the Colorways Miumosa is our 5th collection following the spirit of a new normal, new wave of fashion, and changing behavior. Inspired by the revolutionary circular fashion in 90's era rich with neon electric colorful saturation. Everything with shoes, handbags, and scarves, signatures, off course with authentic monogram Miumosa.

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M. +62811727111 (WA)

T. +622122784692

Eps.10 Membangun Rumah BUMN, Menyemai PaDi UMKM Indonesia

Lokal Keren Jatim

Rumah BUMN mengadakan acara Podcast Bangga Buatan Indonesia a Road to Brilianpreneur 2021 pada hari Jumat, 27 Agustus 2021 yang bertempat di studio 9 BRI Pusat Sudirman. Hadir melalui zoom Ibu Loto Srinaita Ginting yang merupakan Staf Ahli Keuangan dan Pengembangan UMKM Kementerian BUMN dan Ibu Anindya Sukarni , dan host penyiar kondang era 2000an, Mario Patrick. 

Dengan tema UMKM Jatim Bangkit, podcast ini dapat disaksikan di Youtube BRI dan


Automation is the Next Future


"The more passion you convey in your video, the higher your conversion rate."

VR 360 Photo, berupa layanan pengambilan foto sudut 360 derajat tanpa batas. Meningkatkan pelayanan dan digital experience dengan teknologi tampilan imersif berupa interaksi digital dengan lingkungan maya yang disimulasikan komputer, sehingga pengguna merasa berada di dalam lingkungan tersebut.

Hal ini kami harapkan dapat  memaksimalkan presentasi perusahaan dalam pemasaran produk ke pelanggan, klien, maupun investor.


Kelebihan VR 360 derajat untuk produk:

Meningkatkan pelayanan dan digital experience dengan teknologi tampilan imersif yang dapat memaksimalkan presentasi perusahaan dalam pemasaran produk ke pelanggan, klien, maupun investor.

VR 360 derajat juga memberikan pemahaman secara menyeluruh kepada pengunjung dan pelanggan untuk dengan tampilan visual seperti aslinya.

VR 360 derajat juga membantu mempercepat keputusan pembelian pengunjung atau pelanggan.


360 Photo Automation Project on eStore


As a fashion startup, we are always striving to innovation and tech in fashion in everything we do. Integrated digital touchpoints to enhance a unique customer experiences and help to shortcut your online shopping decisions are the two in nutshell.


Following responsive 3.0 web development, chatbot, payment gateway, and CRM's databases, we are now developing 360 photo automation, that soon applied at our independent ecommerce, eStore very soon.


Link to eStore Miumosa

Sporting Goods is M I U M O S A


New Arrival Monogram Socks Series. Signature.

Your everyday socks. Thick terry sole provides comfort and impact absorption for foot drills and lifts, while a ribbed arch band offers a supportive feel.

Product Details:

•     Knitted: organic-cotton, polyester, and nylon.

•     Machine wash.

•     Made in Indonesia.

•     Export Quality.

M I U M O S A, Beyond Fashion


Fashion can be intelligent, business savvy, always pretty, and broadening opportunities for women to speak. With M I U M O S A we are in different perspective of fashion industry. It is about Sustainability, Contribution, and Innovation, and Technology. 

Enam alasan mengapa M I U M O S A itu ada:


Local is the New Global.

Authentic Indonesia.

Sustainability Fashion to Sustainability Business

Fair trade

One Community Movement. Terciptanya klaster industi artisan sepatu di kota Bogor, Bandung, dan Yogyakarta. Dan, donasi sepatu layak pakai sebagai kontribusi sociopreneur kami.

Digital Creative Hub.


Miumosa adalah tentang fashion yang bertanggung jawab, kontribusi sosial, dan menjembatani digital creative hub lewat pengembangan digital fashion Miumosa.


Credit: Producer & Executive Producer : Anindya Sukarni

Creative Director : Adib Mualam

Official Website:

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