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Embran Nawawi: My Day in Couture

Embran Nawawi

From Surabaya with CONFIDENCE. Embran Nawawi is well-known for his expertise in transform heritage Batik into new age modern fashions. Embran is taking his leads on breakdown barriers and timeless fabrication, innovative materials meet stunning design, effortlessly stylish batik, printed and embroidered with unforgettable details. Encouraging natural confidence from head to hem, laidback iconic fashion statement is apparent at every turn.

Fusing sharp impeccable tailoring and traditional lines with a rebellious edge, every collection from Embran’s eponymous fashion house exudes subtle fashion freedom self-esteems, from contemporary women and menswear and urban accessories to spirited young’s clothing.

In this video, we will learn an aspiring fashion conceiver's has sparked the idea for his couture, discussed growing his business and how to becoming the standard-bearer of sustainable fashion.


MIUMOSA: A Brand to Know


M I U M O S A At A Glance: An Intro

Initially with furniture contractor businesses, especially for private residential to commercials, M I U M O S A continues to grow on Shoe Fashion Industry. 
We are concerning about fashion, design and art workmanship-based in every work we do. 
We design and produce our collections setting high standards. Quality control is significant in every stage of the production in order to obtain an end product that meets our client’s taste and will. 

Especially for the year 2017, we launched 30 new collections which among 8 shoes as an icon. Defined by the thin lightweight heels over 120mm, each shoe is being made with classified hand-made details that emphasized its story-telling and characters.  The use of premium quality materials such as velvet and satin with sequin and crystal elements, also enrich the beauty.

Deviating from previous photo shoot, we are trying to enliven Indonesian model, which, also exposing to its exotics skin and inner beauty. Very Indonesian bold character.

“Miumosa is designed wholeheartedly hand-made and kept to small exclusive production numbers so can easily recognizable. Thus, sketching to end production process is under compelled setting high standard.

Designed to meet the niche segmented high-end woman, we care about woman who prosper shoes as their fashion statements.


This Mobile Fashion Brand Was Inspired by a Food Truck

Jordana Fortaleza

One day, five years ago, while eating a sandwich from a food truck, Jordana Fortaleza had an idea: What about a mobile boutique, or, as she calls it, a "truck-and-mortar store"?

She and her business partner bought a van on Craigslist and opened J.D. Luxe, a Los Angeles-based lifestyle brand and fashion house on wheels. Fortaleza says they've received tickets and even had the truck impounded, but the city has let the young entrepreneurs keep on truckin'.

In the video above, Fortaleza explains the importance, as a small fashion brand, of curating items from local designers, especially American ones. In today's world, she says, many people want to know the origins of their products and who made them, as opposed to buying mass-produced items.

Fortaleza also reveals which social media platform is most important for fashion businesses. 

How to Walk in Heels & Stilettos

Wendy Nguyen

Hi Everyone! Today, we have a special episode - How to Walk in Heels =) Below are a few tips. Enjoy!

1. Start with a low heel and work your way up to a higher heel.

Miumosa Photo Shot & Behind the Scene

Miumosa Shoe

Shoe Fashion Photo shot and film-making behind the scene in conjunction with 30's new fashion shoes collection will be hold on Sat, Oct 28th 9AM @Studio Jakarta 5, Jl. Pangeran Antasari no.9C. This stunning event features flawless talented models, professional fashion photographer and creative film crew.

Live event will be active on Miumosa Official Facebook Account: @Miumosa Miumosa and fan Page @Miumosa Indonesia. 

Here, three elements remains constant: art, beauty and woman's ego

M I U M O S A, a Brand to Know? Classics High Heels, Made in Indonesia.

M I U M O S A Shoe

M I U M O S A, a Brand to Know? Classics High Heels, Made in Indonesia.

Finding right shoe should be not unlike finding a lover. Go toward the thing that excites you the most. Stand up straight. Keep your chin up. Spend some time practicing. But don’t obsess over mechanics. Novices worry about balance, fear missteps, fret over seeming too tall or giraffelike. High heels are some sort of magnetic orbit of beauty. Step into them, and you become the gravitational center. Focus on acting the part of a graceful woman. You have to feel elegant to look it.

Godiva: Pursuit of Everlasting Happiness

Godiva: Pursuit of Everlasting Happiness

With approximately 250 boutiques in North America, and dozens more in sophisticated capitals such as Paris, London, Rome and Tokyo, Godiva has realized Joseph Draps' vision of introducing the world to Belgium's unique style of elegant, sophisticated chocolates capable of pleasing the most discerning palates. With production facilities in Belgium and the U.S., Godiva Chocolatier is recognized around the world as the leader in fine chocolates. From its famous truffles and shell-molded chocolate pieces to its European-style biscuits, gourmet coffees and hot cocoa, Godiva Chocolatier is dedicated to excellence and innovation in the Belgian tradition.

The Leading Woman Anne Avantie.

Anne Avantie

Towards her lasting  contribution  with an endless leading edge, Anne Avantie has proven herself as a one of Indonesia outstanding women.